Apartments on offer

Apartment 1

Four-bedroom apt.(88.92 m²)
with a yard (124.90 m²)

Apartment 2

Three-bedroom duplex (72.25 m²)
with yard (15.38 m²)

Apartment 3

Five-bedroom apt.
(119.96 m²)

Apartment 4

Two-bedroom apt.
(52.62 m²)

Apartment 5

Three-bedroom apt.
(63.02 m²)

Apartment 6

Three-bedroom apt.
(73.96 m²)

Apartment 7

Two-bedroom apt.
(52.62 m²)

Apartment 8

Three-bedroom apt.
(63.02 m²)

Apartment 9

Three-bedroom apt.
(73.96 m²)

Apartment 10 - Penthouse

Five-bedroom apt.(167.69 m²)
with a roof terrace (130.26 m²)


“Alterra Una” building is located in Danijelova Street no. 7 in Dušanovac, Voždovac Municipality, Belgrade.

Easy access to the location where the building is located, i.e. the proximity of the highway E-75, Autokomanda and Slavija square provide excellent connections to the city centre, which is located only 4 km from the building, as well as all other parts of the city.


  • from the nearest Kindergarten – 130 m or 2 minutes by foot;
  • from the nearest Primary school – 500 m or 6 minutes by foot;
  • from University “Singidunum” – 270 m or 4 minutes by foot;
  • from the nearest market place – 220 m or 3 minutes by foot;
  • from Health Medical Centre “Voždovac” – 700 m or 9 minutes by foot;
  • from Shopping Mall “Stadion” – 1.6 km or 18 minutes by foot;
  • from the roundabout Autokomanda – 850 m or 11 minutes by foot.

Within 400 meters from the building there is a currently an array of different facilities such as restaurants, cafes, gyms and so on, which will be within near future complemented by the construction of one of the largest shopping malls in Serbia “Delta Planet”, with a total area of approximately 200.000 m2, at only 700 m or 9 minutes walking distance.


The building “Alterra Una” according to its concept and its volumetry belongs to the category of urban villas.

This architectural and construction approach provides to its users full use of the quality of the building, i.e.  all advantages of luxury life provide by individual residential building.

The requested effect was reached in a playful architectural volumetry, which allows a high degree of illumination of the rooms, and by introduction of large glass openings in the living and bedrooms, different views of the city and greenery from each apartment are provided.

The side entrance to the building is designed and provides easy access through wide platforms and a mild ramp, opposite to steep stairs as is in most cases today. All access surfaces are designated to be treated with granite panels, which in combination with carefully selected greenery and a combination of light creates a special natural effect.

The entrance portal itself is lined with stone (travertine), while the stairs within the building are lined with granite panels. Use of the same materials within the interior and exterior, the difference between these two is being reduced and feeling of nature and the park atmosphere is drawn into the building itself. This architectural logic is accompanied by the concept of a stair vertical, with large glass openings on the facade, which allows different views of the city open, and one of them is the Temple of St. Sava.

A small number of residential apartments and a lower frequency of users in relation to buildings of higher density contribute to the luxurious architectural concept, which represents a significant quality in the exploitation of the building. In accordance, all apartments are conceived as luxurious in their layout, i.e. space layout and used materials.

The living rooms, as a central gathering place, are positioned so that they have access to the terrace and are lit through large glass openings. The basic character of apartments, in terms of functioning, is circular movement.

Bathrooms and hallways form a special unit and are equipped with the highest quality materials. Granite ceramics were used in the bathrooms in combination with glass shower cabins at floor level, i.e.  hydromassage bathtubs.

The thermal comfort of the building is at the maximum level, and it is reflected primarily by the floor heating provided in all apartments. For heating and cooling in smaller apartments, modern and economical electric boilers and high-class air conditioners are provided, and the largest apartments in the building are equipped with a system of heat pumps with floor heating and fancoil cooling.

The floors in all residential apartments are covered with first class oak parquet, in a large format, manufactured by “Tarket”.

The garage within the building is made in 2 levels, with 13 parking spaces, one of which is provided for people with special needs – the disabled. Parking spaces and access roads are larger than the minimum prescribed, which significantly contributes to better functioning of the garage.

In order to preserve the idea of naturalness and sustainable concept, all the conditions of energy efficiency are met, which is achieved by the highest quality thermal insulation of the building and aluminium/wood windows and doors. The building belongs to energy class “B”.

The building is equipped with “Smart Home” system (see more details here), which represents concept of modern housing and luxury.

An additional feeling of luxury, having in mind the concept of the building as an urban villa, is given by the common space for relaxation of the users, which will include a sauna, a hydromassage bathtub and a salt room.


February 2023.


  • Decision on construction permit ROP-VOZ-40090-CPIH-5/2020 issued by the Municipality Voždovac;
  • Confirmation of the validity of the Decision on the construction permit ROP-VOZ-40090-GR-6/2020 issued by the Municipality Voždovac;
  • Certificate of application works ROP-VOZ-40090-WA-7/2020 issued by the Municipality Voždovac.

Building permit


Certificate of application